Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Sportzcoins?
    Sportzcoins (SPZ) are ASX Sports’s digital currency.
    Players can win SPZ and will soon be able to buy them too.
    2 Coming Uses:
    1) Major Discounts on our upcoming sports NFTs
    2) Purchase tickets to our premium contests.
  2. Why are some prizes cash prizes and some are Sportzcoins?
    Sportzcoins will be awarded in every ASX Contest while only some special games will be free to win Cash games or be sponsored by an ASX partner looking to reward their audience.
  3. How are athletes prices determined?
    Our proprietary fantasy scoring algorithm will determine each athlete's stock price.
  4. How does ASX in-game pricing work?
    In-game pricing is driven by market demand which, will be driven by players performance and dividend earnings.
  5. Where is ASX available?
    ASX is available in selected states.
  6. Does ASX guarantee payouts to contest winners?
    Yes! Payouts are guaranteed and based on a participant’s ranking at the end of a contest.
  7. How does the ASX payout system work?
    Prizes and/or Sportzcoins will be awarded to the top finishers.
  8. What is the IPO?
    The IPO (Initial Player Offering) opens up the contest for individuals to buy players’ shares for that particular contest.
  9. How are SportzCoins awarded?
    The top 4 finishers in all contests will be awarded Sportzcoins based on our own formula. Additionally in some contests, all participants outside the Top 4 will receive 5 SPZ each.
  10. How do I buy and sell athletes?
    You can buy and sell shares in individual athletes throughout the entirety of the game using an in-game market.
  11. Can I hold my shares after the game?
    No. Your shares are only available during the contest.
  12. Why aren’t all the players listed?
    We have only listed those athletes on a team who can score points in the contest, thus allowing their stock price to rise and fall.
  13. Why are the stock prices not changing immediately?
    There may be up to a two-minute latency in athlete updates for our feed to catch up to live gameplay.
  14. Why don’t I see the players?
    You need to register for every game and you will receive a notification on your phone for the start of the IPO.
  15. How do you get into the contest for cash prizes?
    At ASX we run two types of Cash prize games.
    One is free to enter for all ASX members and you can register your interest to play like any of our unpaid contests.
    Then there are the private cash prize games which require a unique pin to enter. These contests are run in collaboration with a partner/sponsor and the pin code will be made available through their channels to their audience. .
  16. How do I claim a cash prizes if I win it in a contest?
    ASX will send your winning money via PayPal when the details below are submitted by replying to this email with the following information:
    1. Full name linked to your PayPal account
    2. Email address linked to your PayPal account
    3. Phone number linked to your Paypal account
    As you have won a cash prize please include a scanned copy of a current passport or driver's licence in line with our anti-money laundering policy. Please note that only one cash price per individual person is permitted during all contests over this weekend (i.e. it is not permissible for an individual person to claim two cash prizes for one contest game)
    You have 30 days from the end of the contest to claim your winnings. Terms and Conditions apply.
  17. How do I claim Sportzcoins if I win them in a contest?
    Sportzcoins will be deposited directly into your ASX wallet after the contest.
  • Paul Pogba$37.484.21pts
  • Mason Greenwood$29.342.15pts
  • Ainsley Maitland-Niles$42.183.56pts
  • Max Duggan$101.9212.6 pts
  • Kyren Williams$98.3813.9 pts
  • Carson Strong$95.8314.5 pts
  • Levi Lewis$86.3414.0 pts
  • Desmond Ridder$137.1626.5 pts
  • Mohamed Ibrahim$115.7728.3 pts
  • Sam Hartman$95.1329.4 pts
  • Leddie Brown$90.0716.8 pts
  • Taulia Tagovailoa$84.9426.1 pts
  • Kenneth Walker$102.9830.7 pts
  • Jordan Travis$93.2223.5 pts
  • Brock Purdy$90.4329.5 pts
  • Jahan Dotson$88.8915.0 pts
  • Malik Cunningham$128.0737.2 pts
  • Clayton Tune$80.8514.2 pts