Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are athlete prices determined?
    Prices are determined through our algorithm.
  2. How does ASX in-game pricing work?
    In-game pricing works off market sentiment which will be driven by players earning dividends for their shareholders.
  3. Where is ASX available?
    ASX is available in all 50 states.
  4. Does ASX guarantee payouts to contest winners?
    Yes! Payouts are guaranteed and based on a participant’s ranking at the end of a contest.
  5. How does the ASX payout system work?
    Prizes and/or Sportzcoins will be awarded to the top finishers.
  6. What is the IPO?
    The IPO (Initial Player Offering) opens up the contest for individuals to buy players’ shares for that particular contest.
  7. What are SportzCoins?
    Your SportzCoins can be used to unlock VIP tournaments with greater cash prizes.
  8. How are SportzCoins awarded?
    Anyone who makes a trade gets a SportzCoin. The top 10 finishers in each contest will be awarded additional SportzCoins based on our own formula.
  1. How do I buy and sell athletes?
    You can buy and sell shares in individual athletes throughout the entirety of the game using an in-game sliding bar.
  2. Can I hold my shares after the game?
    No. Your shares are only available during the contest.
  3. Why aren’t all the players listed?
    We have only listed those athletes on a team who can score points in the contest, thus allowing their stock price to rise and fall.
  4. Why are the stock prices not changing immediately?
    There may be up to a two-minute latency in athlete updates for our feed to catch up to live gameplay.
  5. Why don’t I see the players?
    You need to register for every game and you will receive a notification on your phone for the start of the IPO.